Desert National Park Safari

The Desert National Park is located in western India in the fascinating sand dunes of Rajasthan. One of the largest national parks in India, extending over an area of 3,100 sq. km., the Desert National Park is a unique and fragile ecosystem. More than 60 per cent of it is simply semi-arid desert. The seemingly barren lands gradually dissolve at the horizon touching Pakistan. But the warm sands of the Desert National Park beyond Jaisalmer form a fertile micro broth hiding an astounding variety of animals and birds. Chinkara, blackbuck, nilgai, wolves, desert cats, the Spotted and Tawny Eagle and the endangered Great Indian Bustard are all found here. But even this area has been dissected as branches of a man-made canal cut through the reserve, fragmenting the habitat. The two biggest draws at the park are the Great Indian Bustard and the chinkara, and the best place to see them and other birds and animals is Sudashri. From Jaisalmer, there are two, almost equidistant routes to Sudashri – via Sam or via Khuri. As this is a military area, the roads are well-maintained and generally free of traffic; you can make the journey in 1.5 hrs. A jeep is the ideal vehicle to travel in.