Amar Sagar is a small and beautiful lake. It is a lake cum oasis, which lies adjacent to the Amar Singh Palace. This palace was constructed during the 17th century by Maharawal Akhai Singh in honour of his predecessor Amar Singh. There are pavilions with stairs near the palace that lead down towards the Amar Sagar Lake. The whole construction of this palace resembles pattern of apartments. It is a 5 storey building which is famous for its murals. This complex of Amar Sagar Lake and Palace includes various ponds and wells, along with an old Shiva Temple. Amar Singh, who was a great follower of Lord Shiva, built this temple in this complex. Surrounding this lake are varied figureheads of animals that have been carved in stone. As per legends, the carved figureheads are said to be the protectors of the royal family.West of Jaisalmer is a small lake with a 17th century sandstone pleasure palace built by Rawal Amar Singh, its courtyard once laid with large, formal gardens.