Private Camping in Desert

Room Facilities


Hammer or mallet to drive tent stakes into the soil

Sleeping bag and/or blankets for warmth

Sleeping pad or mattress to be placed underneath the sleeping bag insulation from the ground

Lantern or flashlight

Fire starter or other ignition device for starting a campfire

Folding chairs for placement around campfire

Drinking Water

Cooking implements (for self-cooking) OR packed food

Firewood for campfires



Time to indulge! Time to do something different! Go for a camping in private desert, in outskirts of Jaisalmer. A fun, bumpy jeep ride brings you to your private space on a sand dune where a adventure awaits you.

We have a secluded private Desert in Jaisalmer. It is tailor-made for those who want privacy and adventure in the most idyllic desert environment. The desert is located approximately 30-minutes off road drive from the resort. The place is nestled deep within the dunes.

You can mix your accommodation and stay in the private desert some nights and the main resort on other nights. The private desert can be booked for friends, family or just as a couple. Whether booked by a couple or by a group, the private desert is always reserved on an exclusive hire basis. While self-camping can be more fun, it is also a tedious task of going through the entire hassle of putting the camp up. We provide all necessary accessories for camping & arrangements.

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